April 2023

curtain fabrics

Curtain Material Fabric – Types Of Curtain Material

Types of Curtain Materials Curtains enhance the decor of your home. They reflect your taste and life standard. Hence, we often look for the best fabric material for our curtains. Now, along with traditional fabrics, some modern fabrics are also in huge demand. These fabrics can totally transform the space of your living room, bedroom, […]

creeper plants

Best Creeper Plants – Indoor & Outdoor

Creeper Plants Creeping plants or creepers are used as wall hangings to decorate homes. They can also be grown in containers. Wherever they are grown, they always get prolific growth. But they are different from climbers in many ways. The creepers can be grown low to the ground whereas climbers are often called long vines.

Block printing

Block Print Curtains – Hand Block Printed Curtains

The textile industry of block print curtains is flourishing day by day as the demand for them is increasing rapidly. Now, you can order your favorite block print curtains anywhere in India. The growth of this industry has given employment to a large sector of small artisans and craftsmen who design curtains with their magnificent

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